You want to hire people who can do the job and care about the work you’re doing. Loop helps you nail the first part, so you can focus on the second part.

Our approach to hiring

In previous lives, we scaled ops teams from 1 to 200 at a bunch of different startups.

Here’s what we learned:

  • You’re going to hire a ton of entry-level people.
  • As your team grows, you’ll need to delegate some of your responsibilities.
  • Hire good entry-level people, and delegation will take care of itself.
  • Hire “just OK” entry-level people, and you’ll be putting out fires all day.
  • Your hiring decisions are self-perpetuating. Good people hire other good people.

We have some pretty strong opinions on how to hire entry-level people.

For entry-level jobs, resumes don’t tell you much. You want to know if someone’s empathetic and tech-savvy — the resume won’t tell you that. Interviews identify people who can talk about work. You want to hire people who do work

Here’s what we do:

  • Create a 20-30 minute “work sample,” based on the job responsibilities.
  • Keep it short — if it’s too long, the best applicants won’t bother applying.
  • Include written & multiple choice sections. Save time by auto-grading the multiple choice.
  • Give the work sample to all your applicants. Everyone!
  • Interview the high scorers. You’ll find diamonds in the rough — amazing hires with unorthodox backgrounds.

Stop reading resumes. Start using work samples.

Over the years, we’ve set up work samples for dozens of companies. Work samples are the most efficient way to sort through a high volume of candidates, and reliably identify the great ones.

We really believe in this hiring method, and we want everyone to hire this way.

So we designed a 20-minute test that simulates real-life customer support scenarios. By measuring speed and accuracy across a wide range of simulated tasks, you can identify candidates who are likely to thrive at your company.  

Why Loop?

  • Candidates love our test because it’s quick, and it gives them a chance to show off their real-life skills. We’ve seen completion rates double with Loop.
  • Multiple customers have “immediately promoted the first person they hired through Loop.” You could be next!

And if you're coordinating the interviews:

  • With Loop, you can automatically predict someone’s performance — before you interview them.
  • Without Loop, you’ll need to wait six weeks to know if they’re good or not.

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